Stethoscope Software

Our stethoscope software offerings provide stethoscope signal processing features to enhance the stethoscope experience in telemedicine systems.

PCP-SSP Solution

PCP-SSP software works on Windows PCs with RNK’s flagship PCP-USB stethoscope and enables the stethoscope signal to share the audio channel of the video conferencing system with the room microphone.

Two other important features:

  • Selectable filters to enable the user to focus on different sounds, for example heart versus lungs.
  • Provides a local loop back so a clinician with the patient can hear the same sounds as the remote clinician.

API Offerings

PCP-SSP/API on Windows

This application programmers interface (API) uses the underlying PCP-SSP software, but allows integrators on Windows PCs to design their own custom user interfaces to create a seamless merging of the stethoscope signal processing features into their telemedicine system software.

PCP-SSP/API on Chrome

This application programmers interface is a JavaScript implementation that runs within the Chrome browser.  PCP-SSP/API Chrome enables integration of stethoscope signal processing features into telemedicine systems using Android and Linux platforms.

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