Premier OEM Telemedicine Stethoscope Supplier

RNK is a trusted partner with 15+ years manufacturing telemedicine stethoscopes.  RNK continues to evolve to meet market demands and opportunities.

RNK offers telemedicine stethoscopes that provide high performance and exceptional ease of use across the acuity spectrum from hospitals to home use.  RNK has more telemedicine stethoscopes in use than any other manufacturer.  Our technology enables us to easily offer private labeling for Value Added Resellers (VARs).

The PCP-USB is the most patient friendly telemedicine stethoscope available.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Plugs directly into any PC computer or Tablet.
  • Uses RNK’s patented piezo technology for picking up body sounds.
  • Has the ability to use selectable frequency filters to help practitioners make a diagnosis.
  • No buttons or dials.  The easiest to use telemedicine stethoscope available.
  • No batteries needed.

New Customizing Opportunities for the PCP-USB Stethoscope

In addition to using printed labels to customize a stethoscope for a private label OEM partner, RNK can now create a physical customization to provide a look and feel to suit each OEM partner.  The customized RNK OEM-Steth:

  • Uses RNK’s patented piezo technology with the same superior auscultation performance.
  • Has the same FDA and ISO certifications.
  • Allows for each VAR’s version readily identified with that VAR.
  • Provides a customization capacity that no other stethoscope manufacturer can match.

RNK is committed to selling high quality stethoscopes through high quality telemedicine VARs that provide superior service to their customers.

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