RNK Ramps up Production of Telemedicine Stethoscopes to Meet COVID-19 Demand

VIERA, Fla. (PRWEB) April 10, 2020

RNK Products, Inc., a leader in telemedicine stethoscopes, is now at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

For almost eighteen years, RNK’s telemedicine stethoscopes have been used in top hospitals across the world, as well as in the VA to extend health services to our veterans and even used in the White House and on Air Force One.

Because COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, a video call (e.g. Skype or FaceTime) between clinician and patient isn’t enough. A stethoscope is critical for listening to lung sounds. Aware of this shortcoming, telemedicine companies are rushing to include stethoscopes with their systems.

In order to meet the demand created by COVID-19, RNK has significantly ramped up production.“Our supply chain is intact and we have increased human capital” says CEO and Founder C. Rich Abbruscato, “Whether this is a short-term bubble or a long-term shift in demand for telemedicine stethoscopes, we are prepared.”

RNK’s most popular model, the PCP-USB stethoscope uses a chest piece that includes an embedded amplifier plus an A/D Converter, Encoder, Formatter and USB interface that is recognized as a plug-n-play audio device. “It just works” is a phrase Abbruscato hears all the time. RNK’s stethoscopes are easy to use, don’t require batteries, don’t require pairing and have no buttons on them. They are simple for patients to use on themselves with guidance from a clinician.

Having FDA, ISO 13485 and EU MDD certifications, RNK operates globally and is seeing demand not only from the US, but throughout Europe and beyond.

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Low-cost Exam Cam / ENT Scope Kit for Telemedicine Providers Now Available


RNK Products, Inc. (RNK), a pioneer in telemedicine medical devices launches an exam camera kit that breaks the barrier for value in a price sensitive market.

Those in the market for a telemedicine exam cam, know that the market has priced out many providers. As a technology focused company, RNK has designed special components and software that can be used with an off-the-shelf camera to create a low cost, high quality exam cam with ENT (ear, nose, throat) capabilities.

The RExCam Kit includes a software app (that has an SDK available) that enables critical camera control, plus two custom designed hardware elements:

  • A custom designed Light Ring attaches to the web cam so it can operate independently of ambient lighting. In addition to enhanced viewing of wounds and dermatology sites, the Light Ring enables clear, sharp viewing of the throat.
  • A custom designed optics enhanced Speculum is inserted into the center of the Light Ring to enable viewing into the ear canal or nostril. The custom Speculum accepts an off-the-shelf disposable speculum tip.

With a list price ranging from $65-$202 depending on the configuration of accessories, the pricing is extremely competitive. Substantial discounts to resellers provide the opportunity for high profitability while still offering low pricing to end users. It’s a win-win for the reseller and the end user.

For over 15 years, RNK has been providing industry leading telemedicine equipment, including its well-known PCP-1 and PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscopes which are widely used in hospitals and clinics including in the VA, Europe and other countries internationally.

RNK will be selling the RExCam Kit through selected authorized value-added resellers across the U.S. and Europe.

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Concierge Telemedicine System Launch into EU

The Concierge Telemedicine system (CTM) from Telemedicine Web Services, Inc. (TMWS) is being introduced in Europe to satisfy the need for affordable, high quality telemedicine.  CTM provides an ideal solution to extend health care to work sites, nursing homes, schools and pharmacies.

The Basic CTM Exam Kit includes:

  • Web RTC based video conferencing software with bandwidth control.
  • Telemedicine software to enable the remote clinician to control the medical devices.
  • PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscope.
  • Blood Pressure Meter. (Other optional medical devices are available.)
  • General purpose exam-camera with a Light Ring attachment to enable high quality examinations of dermatology sites, wounds and the throat.
  • An otoscope speculum that fits into the Light Ring to create a clinical ear, nose, throat (ENT) examination capability.
  • Ability to store and retrieve snapshots, stethoscope audio recordings and medical device measurements.

Simplicity of operation can best be illustrated with the PCP-USB stethoscope from RNK Products Inc., which has no user controls and does not need batteries.  All the patient has to do is place the chest piece as instructed by the remote clinician.  This gives hospital level performance with consumer friendly operation.

The business case for CTM can be demonstrated by the new reimbursement rules for pharmacies in France.  CTM is priced so that value added resellers (VAR) in France and pharmacy owners can profitably provide telemedicine to pharmacy patrons.

(For example, with reimbursement of the telemedicine equipment at 1,225 €, a VAR could sell CTM to a pharmacy for under 1,000 €, beating the competition while making a significant profit margin.)

TMWS is just starting distribution in Europe and is interested in establishing marketing partnerships, business relationships and funding relationships to capitalize on the emerging telemedicine opportunities in Europe.


Le stéthoscope PCP-USB introduit en France pour la télémédecine en pharmacie

(Viera, Florida) – Le stéthoscope de télémédecine le plus utilisé dans le monde est maintenant disponible en France.

Utilisé actuellement dans des milliers d’hôpitaux pour des dizaines de milliers de patients, le stéthoscope de télémédecine PCP-USB de RNK Products, Inc. ne nécessite pas de piles ni de boutons sur l’unité elle-même. Les opérations telles que le changement des filtres pour écouter les bruits du cœur par opposition aux bruits du poumon sont contrôlées par un logiciel contrôlé par le clinicien distant.

Le stéthoscope PCP-USB est le choix idéal que ce soit à l’hôpital, dans un cabinet de médecin, dans une cabine / boîte de télémédecine ou dans une pharmacie. Avec l’approbation de la FDA ainsi que la certification ISO 13485 et européenne MDD, le stéthoscope connecté PCP-USB convient parfaitement au marché de la télémédecine en France.

C. R. (Rich) Abbruscato, PDG et fondateur, a déclaré: «Grâce à ses pharmacies omniprésentes, la France montre la voie en rendant la télémédecine facilement accessible à toute sa population. Le reste du monde devrait suivre.»

RNK Products recherche des revendeurs à valeur ajoutée en France et propose une solution logicielle API pour les intégrateurs de télémédecine.


Chrome Compatible Telemedicine Stethoscope API in Beta

Viera, FL – July 2, 2018 – RNK Products, Inc. (RNK) has created a Chrome compatible “application programmers interface” (API) for its PCP-SSP stethoscope signal processing software. This new API will enable Value Added Resellers (VARs) to easily integrate the FDA cleared stethoscope signal processing software into their own platform.

Key features of the PSP-SSP/API software include:

1. Capability to use the audio channel of the video conferencing to pass the stethoscope signal.
2. User selectable audio filters to enable clinicians to focus on lung sounds and heart sounds separately.
3. Local loop back to enable a clinician with the patient to listen to the same sounds as the remote clinician.

Because it is built on Chrome and well matched to WebRTC video conferencing, PCP-SSP/API will work on any platform that hosts Chrome.

The PCP-SSP/API software works with the high performance PCP-USB stethoscope that dominates hospital/clinic telemedicine applications, including in the VA network. The PCP-USB is also the easiest to use telemedicine stethoscope on the market. It is a plug-n-play device that plugs into any USB port. It needs no batteries and there are no patient controls.

“The trend in telemedicine system development is to browser based technology using WebRTC for the video conferencing and Chrome for the browser,” says Rich Abbruscato, CEO of RNK. “PCP-SSP/API software and the PCP-USB stethoscope are ideal for those telemedicine systems serving all levels of acuity.”

To meet the demand for real-time stethoscopes in browser based telemedicine systems, RNK is pleased to move to the Beta stage for its Chrome compatible PCP-SSP/API software.

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White Paper: Integrating Telemedicine into EHRs

EHR Guide publishes a white paper on Integrating Telemedicine into EHRs authored by C. Rich Abbruscato, founder of RNK Products. Visit www.ehrguide.org.

RNK Releases FDA Class II Cleared Telemedicine Stethoscope Software

Key PCP-SSP features:

  • Enables the stethoscope signal to be sent over the audio channel of a video conferencing connection. No separate network connection needed.
  • Can automatically mute the room audio when stethoscope sounds are being sent.
  • Provides filtering options for the clinicians to focus on heart sounds and lung sounds separately.
  • Provides a local monitor capability so that the clinician with the patient can hear the same stethoscope sounds as the remote clinician.

Remote auscultation involves two software elements on the PC: 1) stethoscope signal processing and 2) network transport. PCP-SSP lets the video conferencing equipment handle the network connectivity as an MDDS, while it handles the stethoscope signal processing as an FDA cleared medical device. By performing the stethoscope signal processing functions and satisfying FDA requirements, PCP-USB relieves the video conferencing system of both technical and regulatory responsibilities.

All electronic stethoscopes are not approved for telemedicine. For example, an electronic stethoscope with an analog connection to the Microphone port of the telemedicine system PC requires that the PC perform the analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and digital encoding. By doing that such a telemedicine system has inadvertently become subject to FDA regulations for a Class II medical device.

“We are very pleased to be able to respond to customer demand for a straight forward telemedicine stethoscope package that works with any Windows PC based video conferencing system and meets key clinical user needs while maintaining FDA compliance” says Rich Abbruscato, CEO of RNK.

RNK in Beta for FDA Cleared Telemedicine Stethoscope Software

Remote auscultation involves two software elements on the PC:

1)    Network transport of the digitized stethoscope signal. If the digitized stethoscope data stream can be merged with the video conferencing stream, a telemedicine integrator’s video conferencing equipment can handle the network connectivity.

2)    Stethoscope signal processing. The stethoscope signal processing includes digitizing and encoding the signal plus selectable filters to aid the physician in focusing on heart versus lung sounds. This signal processing must be FDA cleared as “accessory” elements to the electronic stethoscope itself.

The PCP-SSP software performs that stethoscope signal processing and is FDA Class II cleared.

It is important to note that every electronic or digital stethoscope is not a telemedicine stethoscope. If any of the stethoscope signal processing is perform by the PC of the telemedicine system, then those elements are classified by the FDA as accessory elements to the stethoscope and must have FDA 510(k) clearance.

Thus, when using an electronic or digital stethoscope that is not a cleared telemedicine stethoscope, a telemedicine system provider is inadvertently operating against FDA regulations. Because PCP-SSP uses FDA cleared software, it provides the regulatory coverage for telemedicine system providers.

“PCP-SSP is an ideal solution for telemedicine networks that want their telemedicine stethoscope signal to go over the same network connection established by the video conferencing system while satisfying FDA regulations” says Rich Abbruscato, CEO of RNK.

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PCP-USB Telemedicine Stethoscope Awarded Patent

Viera, FL (PRWEB) March 22, 2016 RNK Products, Inc. (RNK) has been awarded a patent covering its PCP-USB Stethoscope by the US Patent Office adding to its portfolio of patents for stethoscopes serving the telemedicine market.

The PCP-USB Stethoscope appears as a plug-n-play USB audio device to a PC, making it a popular choice in the institutional telemedicine market. Plus there are no buttons or dials which make it a simple yet sleek “Grandma Friendly” design that is easy to use by patients in their own home.

“What differentiates the PCP-USB Stethoscope from a typical electronic stethoscope is that it uses stethoscope signal processing software on the PC that elevates it to a telemedicine stethoscope. Since that software is needed for the telemedicine capability, the FDA requires that it be cleared at the same level (Class II) as the stethoscope itself,” states Rich Abbruscato, founder and CEO of RNK.

With its high quality and superior performance, the PCP-USB Stethoscope is included in high-end telemedicine stations and carts offered by the major telemedicine system companies. In the Veterans Administration (VA) health system, it is not only used in hospitals, but its easy-to-use design makes it ideal for the VA’s program for telemedicine into veterans’ homes.

That combination of high performance and ease of use makes the PCP-USB an ideal choice for Telemedicine Web Service’s Concierge Telemedicine system, which offers an affordable, consumer oriented telemedicine system, not just a telephone call with video.  

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RNK Receives FDA 510K Clearance on the First USB Stethoscope (Over IP) for Telemedicine

Viera, FL (PRWEB) January 15, 2015 Recently celebrating its 10th anniversary, RNK Products, Inc. continues its leadership in telephonic stethoscopes with the FDA clearance of its PCP-USB Stethoscope.  The PCP-USB Chest Piece uses RNK’s patented piezo technology for picking up body sounds and includes an embedded amplifier, A/D Converter, Encoder and USB interface (additional patent pending).  The plug-n-play PCP-USB Chest Piece is easy to install and easy to use, further enhancing RNK’s patient friendly line of stethoscopes.

Similar to the PCP-1 Chest Piece, the PCP-USB Chest Piece works with the sSOIP Anywhere software as part of the Auscultation Anywhere cloud solution.  Auscultation Anywhere facilitates direct connections between clinicians and patients across NAT boundaries and firewalls.  It can connect clinicians from their office, hospital/clinic or home to patients at a remote clinic, work place or home.

Auscultation Anywhere is a state-of-the-art cloud connection service that uses industry standards ICE, STUN and TURN just as do most up-to-date video conferencing services.  It demonstrates that this technology works equally well for stethoscope data streams as for video/audio data streams.

“In addition to continuing to serve the institutional telemedicine market, RNK intends to address underserved market sectors such as small self-insured employers, urgent care clinics, and ultimately, consumers in their homes” says C. R. (Rich) Abbruscato, CEO.

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RNK Products, Inc. Awarded Another Patent for Its Stethoscope Technology

Viera, FL (PRWEB) June 04, 2013 RNK Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the newest addition to its patent portfolio. The latest patent is for technology used in the PCP-1 Stethoscope which is part of the Auscultation Anywhere cloud based solution that was officially launched at the American Telemedicine Association annual tradeshow last month in Austin, TX.

The Auscultation Anywhere cloud solution includes the PCP-1 Stethoscope and Streaming Stethoscope over IP (sSOIP) software plus the enhanced networking capabilities of the Telemedicine Communications Server and Stethoscope User Database. Auscultation Anywhere is easy to implement and easy to use, providing secure HIPPA compliant service. In addition, because Auscultation Anywhere uses a separate IP connection from a user’s video, it isolates FDA compliance issues from the video.The telephonic and electronic stethoscope field is growing and becoming ever more competitive, just as telemedicine itself. “As a technology driven company, it is our mission to develop and offer high performance, yet cost effective telephonic stethoscope products that successfully address the needs of the telemedicine industry of today and tomorrow.” said C.R. (Rich) Abbruscato, founder and CEO of RNK Products, as well as the inventor of the majority of telephonic stethoscope patents awarded to date.

Continuously looking ahead, RNK Products will pursue new technologies, new products and new patents to ensure its position as a leader in telephonic and electronic stethoscopes.

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A Telemedicine Cloud Solutions using Peer-to-Peer Connections with a Telephonic Stethoscope

Viera, FL (PRWEB) May 2, 2013 – RNK Products, Inc. is advancing remote auscultation with the launch of its Auscultation Anywhere cloud solution.  Until Auscultation Anywhere, there was no remote auscultation product available to provide peer-to-peer connections across NAT boundaries. Now remote auscultation, the act of listening to body sounds with a stethoscope where the clinician and patient are in separate locations, can easily expand from the institutional telemedicine market to either the home, retail or worksite markets. 

The Auscultation Anywhere cloud solution builds on the currently available PCP-1 Chest Piece and Streaming Stethoscope over IP (sSOIP) software by providing enhanced networking capability.  A Telemedicine Communication Server (TMCS) facilitates direct peer-to-peer connections between clinicians and patients across NAT boundaries – from a hospital, a clinic, a physician’s office or a physician’s home to patients at other clinics or in their homes.  A Stethoscope User Database stores network information on users and feeds that information to the TMCS.  No patient medical data passes through the TMCS or Stethoscope User Database.

Because Auscultation Anywhere uses separate IP connections from the video, it can be deployed alongside any video conferencing system. The PCP-1 Stethoscope and sSOIP software covers all FDA concerns and isolates FDA compliance issues from the video.

The PCP-1 Stethoscope is the most patient friendly, cost-effective telephonic stethoscope on the market.  Founder C.R. (Rich) Abbruscato who has been in the telemedicine industry for over 18 years and holds the most patents for telephonic stethoscopes says, “For telemedicine, a stethoscope has to be exceptionally user friendly for the patient as well as for the clinician, so they both have a positive experience.”

Having successfully completed beta tests, the Auscultation Anywhere cloud solution including the patented PCP-1 stethoscope is now available for value added resellers to add to their telemedicine stations.

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New Patented Technology a Breakthrough for Telehealth Stethoscopes

Viera, FL (PRWEB) January 21, 2013 – The technological progress of telephonic stethoscopes continues to move forward due to RNK Products, Inc. and its Telehealth Technologies brand of electronic stethoscopes. Already FDA approved and ISO 13485 certified, the latest PCP and PCP-1 line of telephonic stethoscopes has been awarded a US patent for its breakthrough technology.

A long-time leader in the telehealth space, RNK has designed this new line of electronic stethoscopes that utilizes highly sensitive piezo elements allowing for excellent quality at a low cost.  While the use of piezo technology isn’t novel, the size and sensitivity of the piezo elements in RNK designs is revolutionary and allows for a less expensive and easier to employ telephonic stethoscope solution.

Another exceptional design feature is the stethoscope’s ability to work with a generic PC. The only hardware is the chest piece assembly that plugs into the Mic port of the PC.  The audio signal processing and IP connections are done using RNK’s Streaming Stethoscope Over IP (sSOIP) software.

Although the PCP-1 with sSOIP can be used in a typical institutional telemedicine setting with a clinician at the bedside, its key advancement is its ability to easily and cost effectively service home or consumer oriented telemedicine patients.  The epitome of user friendliness, the patient can easily receive a connection from a clinician and there is nothing more that a patient needs to do other than have the chest piece plugged into the PC.

“The continual innovation of our product line is priority number one. When you develop and offer great products at significant value, then sales and partnerships will follow.” says C. R. (Rich) Abbruscato, CEO of RNK Products and designer of telephonic stethoscopes. This has been the guiding philosophy for the organization and is one of the reasons that the Telehealth Technologies line of telephonic stethoscopes is one of the most widely used in the world.

“Providing value to global telehealth initiatives is essential.  The enabling technology of this patent that goes into the PCP-1 Stethoscope, the user friendliness of the PCP-1 Stethoscope and the capabilities of the sSOIP software provide a foundation we can build on for years to come” says Rich Abbruscato.

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Telehealth Technologies Stethoscope Receives Patent Approval From Canada

Viera, FL (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

As the growth in telemedicine continues to rise, RNK Products, Inc. and its Telehealth Technologies line of telephonic stethoscopes are still the most widely used in the world. Already FDA approved, ISO 13485 certified and patented in the United States, RNK Products, Inc. now receives patent approval from Canada.

“Remote auscultation is a critical component of a telemedicine initiative”, says C. R. (Rich) Abbruscato, CEO of RNK Products and designer of telephonic stethoscopes. Whether in a rural hospital or an embassy in a foreign country, the Telehealth Technologies telephonic stethoscopes offer convenience while still delivering the sound quality physicians expect.

The Canadian patent approval adds to RNK’s consortium of patents and helps secure their lead in the telephonic stethoscope space. “We are excited to have received approval from Canada and we look forward to adding value to future telehealth initiatives across the globe”, says Rich Abbruscato.

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New RNK Telephonic Stethoscope Approved by FDA

Rockledge, FL (PRWEB) February 10, 2011 

The PCP-1 Stethoscope uses a chest piece that plugs into the Microphone port of a PC to pick up the auscultation sounds from the body. Using piezo technology in the PCP-1 Chest Piece makes it less sensitive to background room noise than microphone based electronic stethoscopes. The PCP-1 Stethoscope includes Streaming Stethoscope Over IP (sSOIP) software to securely transport the stethoscope signal from a patient at one site over the Internet to a clinician at another site for an auscultation exam.

RNK’s sSOIP software with the PCP-1 Stethoscope has some similarities to the recently announced Littmann ® Scope-to-Scope Tele-Auscultation software with the Littmann ® Model 3200 Electronic Stethoscope. The key similarity is that both product sets are PC based and transport auscultation signals across an IP network. “However,” Rich Abbruscato, CEO of RNK Products points out, “because the PCP-1 Stethoscope was designed specifically for telemedicine, there are important differences.” The first difference a user would notice is that the PCP-1 Chest Piece plugs directly into the PC without the need for making a Bluetooth connection to the PC. This makes the PCP-1 easier to set up and inherently more reliable. And there are no batteries needed for the PCP-1 Chest Piece. While these may be minor issues for institutional telemedicine, they are major issues in home telemedicine where the patients must operate and maintain the stethoscope. The user never has to change batteries, there are no buttons to push to turn on the PCP-1 Chest Piece, or to set up a Bluetooth connection, or to pair it with the Bluetooth dongle on the PC.

The PCP-1 Chest Piece is a rugged chest piece head with a coiled cable that plugs into the Microphone jack of the PC. Stethoscope sounds are monitored via the Headphone port of the PC. Very natural for a patient and very comfortable for a clinician. Another difference between the sSOIP transport software compared to the Littmann ® Scope-to-Scope software is that the PCP-1 Stethoscope encrypts the data stream and can be used securely over the Internet. Not being limited to virtual private networks (VPN) is a nice feature for institutional telemedicine and an essential one for home telemedicine.

The PCP-1 Stethoscope joins other telephonic stethoscopes designed and manufactured by RNK Products, including the models TR-1, TR-1/EF and TR-USB telephonic stethoscopes marketed under RNK’s trade name TeleHealth Technologies or private labeled by valued added resellers (VAR). RNK Products, Inc. will sell the PCP-1 Stethoscope through VARs and telemedicine integrators who may private label it with their own branding. The PCP-1 Stethoscope with sSOIP using static IP addresses will be available 2Q2011.

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