During a pandemic involving respiratory illness, you can bet that every clinician is armed with a stethoscope.  But what if the clinician and patient aren’t in the same location?  That’s where telemedicine stethoscopes come in.

Could anyone have predicted in the new year that in 2020 we would face a pandemic?  Likely not.  Ironically, one pronouncement at the beginning of every new year for the past 10+ years is that “This is the Year Telemedicine Takes Off” or something along those lines.  But each year there is progress, but it doesn’t take off.   Well this year it seems to be official – this will be the year that telemedicine finally goes mainstream.  And actually explodes in demand.  With all the changes to regulations and the pure need of telemedicine, COVID-19 will be the turning point for the telemedicine industry.  Whether this demand is a bubble or the beginning of a new era still remains unseen, but for sure, the Genie is out of the Bottle.

Having been a pioneer in the telemedicine business, our stethoscopes have been used in top hospitals and government agencies for almost two decades. You could even spot our PCP-USB stethoscope being used for President Trump in the White House or on Air Force One.

Recently, we have experienced a huge surge in demand for our telemedicine stethoscopes.  We want to assure our current customers as well as new ones, that we have the capacity to keep up.

We are seeing a variety of use cases.  Here are a few key ones:

1)  Institutional Telemedicine – A telemedicine mainstay, this has been leveraged by hospitals, clinics and other institutions for years.

2)  At home for Clinicians  – Many clinicians are stuck at home under quarantine or isolation, but feeling well enough to work.  Telemedicine stethoscopes would allow clinicians to keep working and evaluating patients from afar.  Which means more patients can be evaluated from any location by the clinician in his/her own home, thus helping with capacity.

3)  At home for patients – There are thousands of patients diagnosed with Covid-19 that don’t need to be hospitalized, but yet need to be closely monitored to make sure they don’t get worse.  Our telemedicine stethoscopes can be deployed into homes and a clinician can listen to their lung sounds from anywhere.

As mentioned, so far we have been able to meet demand and have beefed up our supply chain to assure we can keep up.  Read more about how RNK’s telemedicine stethoscopes are helping in the fight against COVID-19. If you have any questions, concerns or special circumstances you would like to discuss, please reach out to us.